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the International School of Kundalini Yoga & Applied Numerology

In 2000 Shiv Charan along with his wife Satya Kaur founded the vibrant and cosmopolitan Kriya Centre in London. In 2007 he relocated to Portugal where he co-founded the Ram Dass Guru Ashram, a retreat centre and home base for the International Karam Kriya School.

Shiv Charan Singh developed the Spiritual Science of Karam Kriya – a study which, through applied Number Awareness, provides a tool for understanding the harmony and inter-relatedness of all things.

Through the living word of the teachings he invites us to fully realise our spiritual potential as human beings without the renouncement of worldly things. God is within and without; we are both part of the universe and the universe itself. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation and using the tools of Karam Kriya and Number Awareness, we can move beyond our fears and suffering and live in the light of our highest consciousness.

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Karam Kriya Workshop 2-5-8-11 · ONLINE

This workshop will be a passionate and beautiful discovery of the reality of our intimacy with the infinite One in all. Amongst all the challenges of life, given our own permission, there is this possibility. This is the gift of being human.

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Karam Kriya Training · Online · NUMBER 5

Karam Kriya Training with Shiv Charan Singh. Module 2 - Number 5.
Study Life through Numbers and Numbers through Life.
The Training explores human interaction and communication as the central field for evolving the new humanity.

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Ashram Experience • Portugal

A 5 day residential experience in community, at Ram Dass Guru Ashram. 5 days of community life, in the midst of nature. These 5 days also qualify for the final stage of the KRI Level 1 Instructor Training for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

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Ashram Ram Dass Guru, Rua do Rajo 1, São João das Lampas 2705-736 Portugal
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Karam Kriya Couple’s Retreat – ITALY

Karam Kriya Couple's Retreat in Italy with Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur
Conscious communication in relationships leads to maturity, healing, wisdom and harmony.
Let’s gather to explore and transform the unhealthy habits of communication in a relationship.

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Level 2 · Life Cycles and Life Style · ITALY

Life Cycles and Life Style with Shiv Charan Singh and Jiwan Shakti Kaur in Italy. Transform your life from soul-demoting habits to a discipline that is soul-promoting.

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Recent Articles

Introduction to Karam Kriya
Introduction to Karam Kriya

The training is to develop the skills and consciousness required to hold a space in which individuals or
groups can engage in the process of shape-changing communication with increasing awareness. The
purpose of such shape-changing communication is the self. It is a parallel process of unfolding our
material potential while crystallising our spiritual essence. The training inspires the individual towards
self-initiation, and self-realisation.

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God’s Tree
God’s Tree

As in the Gurdwara the Shabd Guru is carried on the head of the
disciple so I pause at times through the day and re-establish the sense of standing under the
Guru’s word. Then just like a fragrance seeps into the clothes I am wearing so I pray that
the Shabd Guru will infiltrate my being.

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