Many Windows – One Creation
Reflections, from Shiv Charan Singh, inspired by the Numerology of 2023


The yearly cycle is a natural one. understood as one rotation of the earth round the sun. A cycle in which life matures from seed to fruit.
There is widespread collective agreement of the number that we appoint to each new year.
This agreement calls the qualities of that number into our lives. Permitting its influence to infiltrate our world.

What about numbers? ‘’if you don’t know numbers then you don’t know anything’’. Numbers are the subtle, invisible, spirit of the world. Without which nothing would exist. Each number brings its own unique vibrational properties into the environment it inhabits.

Referring to the numbers of the year is an opportunity and means to give a renewed focus for contemplation and reflection. This document presents some of the themes of the relevant numbers. Remember also that ‘’if you only know numbers you don’t know anything’’. For this reason it is important not to take this text as a prophecy for the year. It is a creative commentary, and the reader is invited to select their own areas of attention and emphasis. The future is always a meeting between the inevitable and what we bring to meet it.



Each year different 3 numbers enter into the field and offer us their qualities, their challenges and their virtues.