Text by Shiv Charan Singh

First comes the inner revolution – in the human heart
Then follows the just consequence in the outer world
The floods of death, mix with floods of life, to become an ocean of compassion
May not one single soul (child) be denied and left abandoned


Another cycle of the Earth around the Sun. Another year passes, and a new one enters. A repeating cycle between light and dark, life and death, expansion and contraction. A seed grows a forest and the forest delivers the seed again. And yet, each year, something is left behind while each coming year brings new possibilities. Even the changing numbers that we appoint to each passing year speak of, and influence, the mood of the collective consciousness. The abstract nature of numbers allows them a pervasive ability to permeate our lives. As life itself runs parallel to the metaphysical domain, and plays its own part in the unfolding of human destiny.
Not fully aware of the significance of their own consciousness on determining outcomes, people want prophesies rather than take responsibility. It seems that humanity overall is becoming increasingly lethargic and subjected to the forces of algorithms that are not of their own making. 2024 has the potential to be a very decisive year. Will people collectively decide by default to remain passively subject to the controlling forces of the collective mind? Or else the wind of awakening will build into a storm that shakes the earth and the sky sufficiently enough to blow out the fires of rage and revenge. To free us from unseen forces of control. So we may rediscover and reclaim the capacity of truly free choice.

                  The sleeping person wakes, only when hit on the head by a heavy club. (SGGS p/ang 1418 M3)


Inspired by a tribal phrase ‘‘we do not sing ‘about’ the mountain or ‘to’ the mountain – we sing the mountain’’.
Here I sing the numbers. Or rather I let the numbers sing their own song.

The numbers that speak out for the year of 2024 are 4 [in 24], 6 [2+4 = 6], and 8 [2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8].
All even numbers 4, 6, and 8 [let’s include also the 2, occurring twice in 2024] are considered as feminine numbers. So 2024 is a year for the collective feminine voice to make itself known.

Readers are referred to the 2022 text ‘A Mutational Moment’ to be found on the website here. Especially the either/or quality of the 4 and expression of the struggle between fear and faith, which comes with the 6. These are themes which come even more to the forefront in 2024.

Through much of 2023 many people have asked, or even demanded, when will it stop. How much more loss of life, how much more suffering, how much more trauma, how much more pain, anguish and fear must we bear and be witness to? But the Goddess of war is strong, with large appetite.
The pain of the saint and the wound of the warrior bleed with compassion for the world.

Is our prayer not strong enough, not collective enough? Is our faith weak, lacking in conviction?
Are we too numbed by the shocks?

It is not time to be careless. It is time to take responsibility.
Not a year to live in hope but to decide with clarity.
Otherwise circumstances choose for us, which is a default position that we later regret.

May we be blessed with that gentle confrontation that would stop the conflict.
If we do not awaken within ourselves then there shall be no awakening in the world around us.
This text is written in the absolute conviction and trust that truth does prevail. As expressed in the mantra:


‘Sat Sri Akaal’ – Truth is Great and Undying

Nothing can destroy the truth. It is just a matter of time before the truth imposes itself upon our consciousness.
All lies shall be destroyed and all secrets shall be revealed.

Only the nucleus of our inner spirit can hold us steady during the storms ahead.
Truth belongs to the numbers 4 and 6.



I am 4

I am the bud of awakening
The nucleus of your heart
The source of your pain and your love
Your internal barometer of reality
The compass of truth in your ribcage
The touchstone of consciousness
The inner voice of your soul
The cup that receives the spirit
Until it is full and overflowing
I am 4
Like a bud
I hold the seeds of mystical intelligence
I am the initiation of awareness
The cave into which you withdraw
When life seems too much to bear
The storehouse of your traumas
Your memories of betrayal
I am 4
I bring you the blessing of confusion
So you may converge reality within yourself
I am the source of your curiosity
The sense of possibilities and opportunities
I am 4
The wound of your accumulated experiences
I hold your child, your soul
In embryonic embrace
Until it gathers momentum
I prepare you for second birth
That of your authentic being
I am 4
I initiate the contractions
I am the moment
Of the pains of your labour
I am 4
It is in me that you deposit your doubts
and struggle with your dilemmas
Yet it is also here where trust begins
I am your prayer
I serve your human becoming
I am 4

It is in me that decisions are crystalised
I call you to choose your original self
I am the gratitude that births generosity
The commitment to truth
The beginning of love unconditional
I am 4


Now speaks the 6

I am the midwife of the spirit
It is me that unlocks your cage
And opens you to the world
I bear the shock as I equally shock
Naked, exposed and raw
I am 6
Beauty that stuns
Clarity that surprises
Explosions of awareness
I am 6
Through me you face the future
Through me you are confronted
With the greater reality
I am 6
I turn you to the future
I bring intuition
I am the loud silence
That screams you awake
I am 6
I am the fear and the faith
That battle for your soul’s allegiance
I am the grace that brings you into conflict
Until you confront your worst fears
I am the faith to make that possible
I am 6
Fear is not to be feared
Faith is not to be blind
I hold you back with worries
I drive you forward to take the leap
I am the storm that compels your becoming
I am 6
The inescapable sword of justice
Here and hereafter
I am all the consequences
You have yet to meet
The sharp clarity
That shakes you out of hypnosis
The unavoidable moment
That does not wait for you to be ready
I am 6
The urgent alarm bell
Ringing in front of you
Calling you to breathe more fully
If you take me for granted
Then the fight you refuse to face
Will become a war in your chest
I am your lungs and the pores of your skin
I offer freedom
From the prison of your limiting and false beliefs
I am 6
I provide the intuition
So you do not enter the confrontation too soon
Nor delay when the moment is ripe
I am 6


We are 4 and 6

Together we are a totality
Awakening the bud of inner truth
To serve the blossoming of awareness
Consciousness is a perpetual dynamic flowering
We are the breath of consciousness
The breath of the living God
We are the 4 and the 6
We are the love of God and fear of God
Two sides of one golden coin
So love may not be naïve
And fear awakens rather than paralyses
We are 4 and 6
Together we are the axis of freedom
The spirit of awakened humanity
A gentle shock and a shocking gentleness
The quantum dimension of mutation
We are 4 and 6
The bud and the flower as one
We deliver the future
We challenge the dogmas
We break through the walls of the mind’s illusions
The inner touch and the air we breathe are one
We bring presence to truth
And the truth to the present
We are 4 and 6
We are the remembering
The perpetual re-collecting of your spirit
We make it possible
To know you in me
And to know me in you
We are the fusion and fission
The nucleus and the explosive light
The inner pressure and the bursting open
We are 4 and 6
We embrace your heart
In the truth of love
To pierce your mind
With the love of truth
We are the daylight of your spirit
In the dark night of your soul
We are 4 and 6
The Saint and the Warrior
We show both cheeks
We confront the moment
With truth and clarity
We are the moment of confrontation
We are the prayer and the response
The choice and the consequence
We hold the universe in perpetual movement
From the nucleus of inner stillness
We are 4 and 6
We call you to stop and be in the moment
So that the moment can be with you
We are 4 and 6


I am the 8

I am the infinite ocean
Of immeasurable depth
I am the timeless time
Beyond the time
I give you limited time
I am the infinite 8
I am the life beyond the life
All are born through me
All die through me
I eliminate to illuminate
I am 8
Known as force and power
The prana, the chi, the flow
Used and abused
To create and destroy
Many try to control me
But I outlive them all
I am the eternal 8
The energy that heals
The great purifier
The Tsunami
That breaks down all temporary structures
The waves that throws your garbage back ashore
I am 8
The compassionate mother
That fills hearts till overflowing
That takes away the suffering
Sometimes through death
The coming and the going
The rivers and the rain
I am 8
I am not here for myself
I am the force within symbiosis
I maintain the interconnectedness
Of all to all
Seen and unseen
I am 8
My pure nature is to connect
To relate the polarities
Though I have been used to separate
Coloured with the poison of polarisation
My infinite depth beyond time and space
Shall outlive these shallow games
Time belongs to me
Without me none exist
All swim in my ocean
To flourish or drown
I am 8
Compassion without condition
Compassion for all
At times brutal as a hurricane
Then gentle as the morning dew
I am 8
I hold the balance of power
sexual, sensual, sensitive and spiritual
I am 8
I am Kali with large appetite
The goddess with 8 arms
Holding the objects of war and peace
Of suffering and healing
I am 8
The grandmother wisdom
I balance the economy
I am the abundance of Prosperity
Through me
Empty becomes full
And full becomes empty
I am the mother of the Greater Earth
And the very Earth itself
I am 8
I bring the floods of passion, emotion and compassion
It is you that must learn to swim
I am 8


Take care of the home of your heart. There are thieves that would come and squat in that place.
There are others that would steal the jewels of inner knowing from deep within you.
When these thieves enter your innermost domain then you become a thief yourself.


Keep your mind awake and aware now, O Sibling of Destiny.
You were careless, and you have wasted your life; your home is being plundered by thieves.
||1||Pause|| (SGGS 339-11 kabIr jI)



Through the 4 to the 6

Love, gratitude, prayer, trust, devotion, commitment, truthfulness and service.
If we refuse these qualities then we will have doubt and confusion at a very basic level.
It means there is a danger of bypassing the heart; leaving it in a cold state of apathy and paralysis.
The truly neutral state of being needs to be stimulated and awoken.
The best focus of the trust is towards your own soul.
Have Gratitude for your very existence. It will bring prosperity.
Prayer is the language of the small quiet voice inside – this year it wants to speak, and its prayer is for peace.
Service gets you out of your own block, out of your own black hole; beyond your small self.
Honesty is first about letting the spirit within love you, and then giving and receiving love between all.
Love is a neutral base from where spontaneous responsiveness is natural.

To awake means to be in love. Love all, welcome all, embrace all, serve all.
When the inner heart’s bud of awakening comes under enough internal pressure then it bursts open.
To awake within means to love your true nature, which is love itself.
To love your true nature means to recognise it in all.
To recognise the true nature of all beings means to know the love that is hidden behind the pain.
Awakening the bud of inner truth leads to a blossoming of awareness.
Consciousness is a perpetual dynamic flowering.

There are environments, contexts, circumstances and company within which we fall into the hypnosis of Maya.
There are settings within which we have a chance to awake and remember our true and original nature. Vigilance is required if we would wish to be awake.
First we learn to choose the company of consciousness. Then we become that company for others.


Those who are committed to Truth remain awake and aware night and day.
They are honoured in the True (Divine) Court. ||1| (SGGS ang/p 110 M3)



And the 6

Freedom and responsibility, justice and conflict, secrets and exposure, arts and beauty, romance and fear, faith and fate, danger of crisis or grace of opportunity.

– The silence, the secrets and the screams of the oppressed – Stop, just stop ! To be, just be !
– The music and songs of those that never give up
– Conflict in relation to freedom and justice

– Intensifying conflict over resources and lands, or land being made free and available
– Face your own injustices before confronting injustice in the world
– Confront you inner conflict so you may confront the conflict in the world.
– Eco-warriors arise once more; will they fight ‘for a future’ or merely ‘against the system’
– Surprises and a sense of urgency; ecological as well as for and from women
– Surprise the world around you or you will be in for a surprise
– Sense of responsibility driven by fear or informed faith
– Nuclear: unfolding of creative expression
– Personal expression of the art of the heart
– Collective expressions of carelessness or a shared sense of responsibility
– Spiritual awakening – grounded in clarity, or nothing but a dream
– Greater random/rogue acts of terror
– Peace through fear and fear of peace, or peace through faith and faith in peace
– Random surprise acts of altruism
– Dance your fear till it brings peace on earth
– Continuous tendency to think in terms of tragedy, crisis and disaster actually brings the calamity.
– Or develop the ability to transform the movement of the moment into opportunity and possibility.


About 8

This means energy: usually in the forms of power, money and sex. In subtle forms such as prana and compassion. As well as material forms such as food and water.
Associated themes are: empowerment or disempowerment, free or expensive energy, true authority or abuse of authority, healing, purity, compassion, abundance, flow and infinite connection. It is a struggle between the abuse of power, when you think it is your own, or using the flow of infinite power to empower others.

All this can take the mood of abundance of compassion or drowning in the hunger for power. Naturally this will depend on our individual and collective attitude and consciousness.
The overall mood of 8 is the drive for a balance of forces. This relates to a natural instinct to find harmony which, when related to 8 and 6, assumes the expression of economic and medical, justice. While the disharmony would imply a widening of the gap to the extent of unbearable crisis. For example, opposing forces in politics paralyse countries or people may learn to communicate and co-operate to serve the greater whole.

The collective consciousness is ideally a combination of appropriate fear and of a sense of responsibility.
This influences global negotiations on matters of power struggles, abuse of power and the continued efforts to silence communities who strive for self-empowerment and self-expression.
Global waves of economic, and health, shocks get bigger and hit harder.
Such high tension, on the global scale, is a recipe for groups of people to dare to take a stand and risk their life for a better world.


The Spider’s Web

We cannot leave the exploration here without including a contemplation on beings related to the 8.
Spiders, Octopus’, and associated feminine deities [such as Gaitri, Durga, Neith, Arachne].
For this occasion let’s focus on the spider and its web. You may contemplate upon the others in your own time.

Spiders have a strong relation to the 8. In addition to their 8 legs they also have 8 eyes, and can weave 8 types of silk. Then there is the fractal nature of their web. They can see into the ultra-violet range of the spectrum; beyond the limited spectrum that the magnetic/mind field imposes upon us.
Also interesting is the relation to the healing power of the 8. Spider webs have traditionally been used to cover wounds as they contain anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
The web is strong enough to trap, conceal and protect, but also imprison. Yet equally transparent, fragile and weak – so easily broken by us.

In spiritual wisdom the 8 is represented through the Pranic Body and the web of 72,000 Nadis through which our life force [prana/chi/energy] flows.
It is a highly sensitive network of energy lines with countless intersections of connection; like meridian points. Our brains also contain web-like structures regulating synaptic connections.
We are each a microcosm of the macrocosm.
Therefore this network of lines [strings] and intersecting points is equally a universal phenomenon.
There is nothing you can do that will not be detectable by many other layers of the web.
Any change in your inner web can be felt by and effect the entire web around you.
Any change in the wider web can be felt by you and effect a change within you.
This was always the case on a subtle level.
Now the multi-dimensional web of the world, even the entire Cosmos is becoming increasingly manifest.
It is downloading, materialising, through the mind field into the social and material levels of our lives.
Which makes it more possible to intervene, interfere, and attempt to control the flow, as well as control access to the flow.
There has been a battle to control this flow for thousands of years.

The flow itself is simply pure energy, like the flow of electricity.
The network is made of channels and conductors which convey and filter the flow of information.
Each individual is a collection of points of intersection.
Controlling the flow becomes a way of controlling the individual.
Control implies regulation of its intensity, power, volume, quality, and content, amongst other things.
Modern technology makes it possible to control these channels at a distance rather than through material presence.
It is more efficient in expenditure of time, energy and money.
Furthermore controls can be exercised without the hand that controls being seen and known.
It is possible for me to monitor and regulate items in my house from a distance.
In the same way it is equally possible for other, unknown person, to control my life, my mind, from a distance.
The quality and extent of the management of the web, which some might call the matrix, is infiltrating into every area of our lives.
Those which previously seemed to be separate realms, domains, compartments, of our lives are now showing themselves in their interwoven nature.
We are locked into a multi-media web of surveillance, tracking and monitoring.
The more we watch, the more we are watched.
In the name of protection we are equally imprisoned.
Supported by satellites, 5 G, data collection, algorithms, digital software and hardware, along with social media applications, and so on, that all serve to support our availability and vulnerability to manipulation.
Our shopping habits, financial status, medical records, political views, religious affiliation, entertainment choices, media behaviour, travel routines and modes, etc, are all more overtly and evidently tied together.
As a result, our freedom to surf the web, to move freely in the world, and act freely in the different domains, is increasingly dependent on the decisions made by those who control the channels.
If we do not play by certain rules in one area of the web then we find ourselves restricted in other areas of the web.
Like how the spider weaves its web, one thread at a time without hardly being noticed until the veil is fully established, we have become completely enmeshed.

Moments of clarity – 6

6 provides the sword with which to get through the web.
Although 6 is a lesser number than 8, being contained within it, none the less it holds a secret.
Through the 6, the Arc-Line in spiritual yogic wisdom, there is a way to pierce through the matrix web of the 8. 6 is associated with our intuition, our frontal lobe, neo-cortex, pituitary gland.
It is the 6th sense, our 3rd eye, capacity to pre-sense.
Developed through long and deep practice of meditation.
Transforming fear into vigilance. Panic into presence. Anxiety into alertness.
With intense and regular practice we can learn to enter the gaps of the web.

This requires liberating oneself from attachments, false sense of safety, expectations, hopes, prejudices, opinions, and all the subtext that goes with it. Meaning, let these things die, along with the temporary identity that holds them in place.
It requires overcoming the fear of death, and to use the fear state to empower oneself into the present presence
When we stop focusing on the content we see and stop being busy with the processes we experience.
(Note: the intersection points are the content, the pixels, and the threads are the sensations).
Then there will be moments of clarity.
There is an intelligence far greater than the web.
If there was no background, essential, prior, infrastructure then there would be nothing upon which to form the web.

The energetic oceanic dimension of the 8 acts like a mirror to the narcissistic nature of the ego.
The sharp awakening clarity of the 6 can render the ego’s projection transparent.
In this way we can decode the movie that appears before us, go beyond the mirror, the veil of Maya, the mind field, and read the subtle and primary level of the information.
see the unseen, know the unknown, hear the unheard, so as to speak the unspeakable.

On the question of self:

There is no I in the sense that the ego identity is false through its temporary nature.
Yet there is I – a self in the making.
It is not the destination, nor just the quality of the journey, but what you are becoming that counts.
Shame is a substitute for humility. A relative measure of self instead of an absolute measure.
Pride, also a relative measure, is a substitute for dignity; dignity comes from alignment to eternal principles.
Maya is not an illusion, it produces illusion through corruption of our senses.


One who contemplates the essence of reality remains awake and aware.
they kill their self-conceit, and do not kill anyone else. ||3|| SGGS ang/p1128 M3