We can look at this phenomenon from different perspectives; the effect of 2
and 4 on 3 and the effect of 3 on 2 and 4.

Let’s remember that the positive mind prime activity is to affirm, elaborate
and reinforce whatever comes into its domain.

Now imagine the 4, neutral mind, in its karmic state of confusion, doubt and
paralysis, and the 2, negative mind, in its karmic black hole spiral of chaos,
depression and endless complaining.

There would seem little chance for the positive mind, 3, to be anything other
than the victim of its surrounding environment and to be fully occupied in
reinforcing the qualities that it finds nearby. In other words the positive mind
will have no other position other than to confirm its helplessness and the
hopelessness of life. The stress of such a position will ultimately develop into
a suicidal kind of apathy. The positive mind will become suffocated, weak
and consumed in this sandwich.

Notice the absence of the 1 in the scenario above. Not a moment or a
thought spared for the soul.

The positive mind may try to resist and defend another position. But in most
cases the pressure of the 4 and 2 will compress the 3 and it will lose its
layers of resistance, its defences will become weaker and weaker. Its
excuses and its stories will appear ever more empty and useless. Its
cosmetic decorations will flake and fade. Its sense of value will diminish. Its
position in space will be dismantled and it will no longer feel it has a place in
the world.

Now this can be understood as a burn-out and breakdown situation and
nothing left but the passively angry victim declaring ‘it’s not fair’ and hoping
for pity.

But there is an important alternative not to be missed. This pressure can
produce a lot of heat and the compression reduces you to a single point.

This will catalyse the sequence 3142. Whereby the 1, the soul, is now in the

Now think of the Aquarian sutra – ‘’When the time is on you, act and the
pressure will be off.’’ This implies a self-initiating event.

2 is the finite time, 4 is the present moment. Their karmic time qualities are
putting pressure on the 3. And when the time pressure of 2 and 4 is on you
then you act. Action is 3. And by this action the pressure of the 2 time and
the 4 time will be off, and their qualities will transform. The question will be
whether this shift comes as a reaction (karmic). Or do you ‘act to not
react’ (YB). In reaction the paralysis of the 4 will become stronger (more rigid)
and the powerless of the 2 will sink you deeper into despair and desperation.
By right action the 3 can expand and give room for the soul.

Right action is dharma. Whatever you do in your life that gives room for the
soul is dharma. An action that expands from within. That open up space so
you can breathe again.

In reaction you expand your list of enemies. In reaction you feed the flame of
hopelessness. In reaction you expose your helplessness. In reaction you are
just locking yourself further into the prison you are trying to escape from. Yet
none of this will be evident to you.
Right action is an expansion that occupies you with affirming and reinforcing
the soul. Remember that even a fake action, by the law of cause and effect,
will still produce an effect. So just doing what you know is right, whether you
feel motivated or not, will still serve as a catalyst and create a space which
the soul can inhabit and grow into. It is called ‘creating a mould for your soul’

When the 2 and the 4 are pulling the 3 into ‘cold depression’. Then it is
critical to get the 3 to work for the soul. It likes to be busy. But can you direct
it to be busy on behalf of the soul.
‘Oh my positive mind – leave aside all other things.

Expand and reinforce the soul on its road to consciousness. Leave aside all
other things.’
‘I am, I exist, I have the right to exist,
I am, and I like that I am,
I live, I have the right to be happy, I will live happy,
I am here, and I am happy to be here – in this form, in this incarnation, now.’

In other words, the positive mind need not wait for the 2 and the 4 to be in
healthy conditions.

Rather it can be trained toward the 1, soul, and in that way guide the
negative mind, 2, and the neutral mind, 4, to a new and different way of

When the 3 will guide the negative mind, 2, towards the true nature of its
sorrow. i.e. a longing to belong to that which it already belongs – the infinite.
And then the 3 can ask the heart’s neutrality, 4, to bring its blessings, and to
reveal its truths. When this pure infinite longing and the simplicity of the open
and trusting heart gather upon and around the positive mind, 3. The
choiceless choice becomes an inner command that initiates a revolution of
your being. And you happily and enthusiastically do what is yours to do,
what only you can do. May this choice be yours in 2020 = 4