Here are some themes to explore. Not necessarily covered in this document, or in this order.
➢ The story of how Yoga/Yogis and Sikh Dharma came together.
– The conversation between Guru Naanak and the Siddha Yogis
– The meeting between Baba Sri Chand and Guru Raam Daas.
What that story represents
Cleansing, and merger, of two corrupt strands of Bhakti and Shakti.
What happened next; genocide, British rule, modern politics.
➢ Did the Guru and Sikhs practice Kundalini Yoga
➢ Yogi Bhajan’s connection to Guru Raam Daas.
➢ Your relation to, and identity as, Yogi and/or Sikh.
– ‘I do yoga’ contrast to ‘I am a yogi/ni’
– Part time Yogi – full time Sikh
➢ Common elements between KY and Sikh Dharma
– Cross References found in their texts
➢ Differences between KY and Sikh Dharma.
– science and technology contrast to religious/devotional attitude.
➢ The conflicts, controversies, issues…
What are the issues with Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, Sikh religious dogma?
– your resistance to either Kundalini Yoga or Sikhi.
➢ Bringing Sikh Dharma to Yogis. Bringing Kundalini Yoga to Sikhs.
➢ Sikh fundamentalist. Their issues with yoga and YB
– Yoga is Hindu, Sikhs are not Hindus, therefore Sikhs don’t do yoga!
– Use of name Khalsa