Shiv Charan Singh

My experience of the dimensions beyond this relatively horizontal 3D world of longitude and latitude, time and space, started from a very early age. This included past-life recall, kundalini rising and other phenomena, all before the age of 18.

Numbers, along with so called occult sciences, caught my attention from early adolescence. Many years later this led the publication of several books (including Let The Numbers Guide You) and the development of a Consultancy Training Program.

After my second near-death experience at 23 ½ years a new lease of life was granted to me.

Soon after, in July 1980, I encountered the technology and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga, which provided me the tools to strengthen mind and body, so as to remain grounded while continuing to expand in awareness.

Shiv Charan Singh

With the sacred words of Guru Naanak I found the language that articulated my inner, spiritual, experience in the most poetic, musical and beautiful manner. I have been walking in the world with words of the Shabd Guru as my companion ever since.

My studies of Kundalini yoga and Sikh Dharma were first enriched by the teachings of the master yogi Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa. This profound learning journey was, and continues to be, further enhanced thanks to a variety of teachers, peers and students met along the way. It was only natural and inevitable that I would go on to teach and train teachers and trainers in the science of Kundalini Yoga. To this day I continue to mentor trainers of Level 1 and 2 kundalini yoga teacher Training.

Inspired by the lives and teachings of the third and fourth Gurus in the Sikh Lineage the themes of equality and service to humanity has called my attention. To this end I have contributed to the establishment of the Guru Ramdas Project in London and the Ashram Ram Dass Guru in Portugal. Community is a meeting point between heaven and earth. An opportunity for a reality check and to rebalance the dynamic flow of give and take in our lives.

In addition to the above, my current focus is the refinement of Karam Kriya Training Program.  The study of life through numbers and of numbers through life. A training to cultivate the healing conversation; that something can change through the exchange. The central field of human life is communication. When we heal the word then we heal the world. Patterns we are enslaved to (Karma) can be transformed into conscious discipline (dharma) that serves and support us to fulfil the human destiny. Here on Earth to transmute light into sound vibration and harmonious living with each other and with nature.

I am committed to :

∗Serve the hidden truth in every heart.

∗Make known the inner magic, the spirit of the world.

∗Bring about transparency of the world drama.

∗Support people’s awakening to a sense of destiny.

∗Be a witness to each soul unfolding its full potential.

∗Share the insights and tools to transform pain into compassion, fear into faith, demons into diamonds.

Karam Kriya

To develop and evolve the Spiritual Science of Karam Kriya – a study which, through applied Number Awareness, provides a tool for understanding the harmony and inter-relatedness of all things.

Books and Poetry

Author of several books and articles on different aspects of spiritual life including human communication, the mystery of numbers and poetry which he shares on Instagram.

Kundalini Yoga

As a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga (since 1980) and a Lead Teacher Trainer for the KRI accredited Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training Level I & Level II, Shiv Charan Singh mentors training programmes worldwide.

Ashram Ram Dass Guru

In the year 2000, Shiv Charan founded, along with his wife Satya Kaur, the vibrant and cosmopolitan Kriya Centre in London. And in 2007 he relocated to Portugal where he co-founded the Ashram Ram Dass Guru, a retreat centre and home base for the International Karam Kriya School.


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