What is Karam Kriya?

A unique approach to negotiating change; working with universal intelligences, known to us as numbers, to provide a personal, professional and spiritual health check..

Karam = structures that take us through time but with no result other than repetition.

Kriya = completion of these structures and the establishment
of Dharmic structures. Dharmic structures are vehicles of awareness that use time to go beyond time.

Karam Kriya is an organic and ever young approach to finding creative ways to utilise the passing time in order to create opportunities and to expand our possibilities of unlocking our full potential and giving birth to the individualised soul while here in the precious jewel of human life and in the mediums of time and space given for this purpose. It is the ongoing practice of re-negotiating the ways we shape our physical and psychic space towards the above-mentioned purpose. This negotiation always takes place in relation to other human beings.

Working with the individual or the group, Karam Kriya is a negotiation of change that facilitates the journey of the soul in delivering itself through the mediums of time and space.

Transmitting a call to consciousness and inviting the awareness of opportunity, choice and possibility. Maximising the given law of cause and effect to exhaust karma and give life to dharma. Realising the sound that created us and becoming that in all we do. 

Karam Kriya is inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and developed by Shiv Charan Singh. It is a completing activity that uses Applied Numerology to provide interactive diagnostic tools for transformation.

For example your date of birth provides a window into your life patterns, which is also your karma. Karam Kriya is a scientific approach to understanding the influence of the law of karma in your life and through this learning rendering your history transparent.

Once you have this transparency of your past you can introduce changes in your actions and belief structure that will help you to have a story that will bring you to your destiny. It is the science of getting in touch with the basic formula, which initiated your existence. And then using the time and energy before it uses you to fuel changes in the shape of your life in order to create opportunities and to seize them.

Knowing the nature of time and the tension that it brings in our life we can become its master.

In Detail


Karma is the repeating structures that take us through the time but with no result, only repetition of subconsciously familiar patterns that imprison us in a false sense of security. The construct of the word is:

Kar am – action to end all action. The last judgement

Ka = who (what, which);

Ra = to move;

Ma = the immovable.

Who moves the immovable?


Kriya is the dynamic consciousness that brings our static patterns to completion. It represents the shift from a life of habits that enslave us to a life of discipline that serves us. That means the establishment of Dharma. The Dharmic life uses the time to go beyond the time.

Kri ya – the cry; calling out with soul; acting with soul; (fully, totally and wholeheartedly.)

Karam Kriya is explicit about the spiritual dimension to our existence and refers openly to the unknown God of all gods. It is for those who are finished the travel away from their essential nature and are ready to turn around and begin the journey home.

We are born to realise a notion, to bring an idea into the world, to embody a principle in action. In the beginning of life that notion is very vague and by the end of our life it could crystallise to become our last word. Karam Kriya is the work of finding and applying the action that will complete the notion, giving it shape to carry it into infinite life.

Karam kriya is: consciousness of the inevitable [4/6]. Therefore design your co-operational strategy [3/7] Use of desire to bring in the will and passion (1/9 + 2/8] and act. This means the conscious creation of a psycho magnetic field that is congruent with the universal field so that there is a mutual attraction. Not waiting for or seeking the right circumstance but intuiting the required circumstance and setting it up. It requires the remembrance that knowledge is never a substitute for action, and that self obsession is not equal to self knowledge.

Karam Kriya asks the client/student to enter more consciously into a learning process and an active negotiation with their current life structures towards effective change. The practitioner is also asked to enter more deliberately into the role of teacher/student as well as counsellor. This means an active role in the relationship with the clients/students as they negotiate their way towards any relevant changes. It is a practice that works from a description of the primary intelligence of consciousness in mediums of time and space. The practical work of Karam Kriya could be said to be eclectic in that it will call on skills associated with various disciplines in accordance with the particular context of the work being done, as well as the practitioners capacity to work with the student in an improvising manner, since every situation calls for a unique approach.

Recipes are forms born from the realm of abstraction and can only be guidelines for the practical, which is different every time. Yet the precision of the abstract guiding reference is essential; number gives this precision. Numbers are the ultimate indicators for calibrating one’s personal life with the universal set up.


Karam Kriya is not a modern concept it is an ancient one. The use of the Indian terminology is simply because it is a concept that was somewhat forgotten as the language was carried over into the European environment. It is a concept that does not have a modern standard and recognisable identity. Yet we can find traces of it in our use of words.

With numbers we can perceive various maps of time and space through which we can obtain a clearer sense of proportion and persepctive. These cosmologies of time and space provide the windows through which the relationship between the specific personal life and the universal governing principles can meet in a creative harmony.

The practice of Karam Kriya requires informed intuition, clarity about the nature of the journey, the given forces, personal influences such as date of birth, combined with the energy produced by meditation and the capability of the neutral mind that come from meditation. Another way to say this is that you study the universal principles, archetypal forms and sequences, and then bring them into manifestation in the finite act. Each act, therefore, contains completeness to the extent that it maintains an alignment to the universal. 

The personal actions are synchronistic with the larger universal patterns. From another perspective it is the universal, or collective, soul that expresses itself, and its abstract consistency in the diversity of the manifold manifestations. 

To arrive in this state, of intuitive and spontaneous flow of cosmic attunement in intimate life situations, requires the clearing of ego-mind blocks, blindness, distracting attachments and mis-identification. In other words the right relationship to the mind.

We have pattern forming abilities that can be trained to small, moment-to-moment, acts that bear the mark and expression of the universal. For example by changes in speech, breath and action the ego-mind structure will adjust itself and become more transparently an effective vehicle and gateway for the universal connection. Thus making it possible to vibrate in unison with the infinite self. Body and mind become healthy instruments of the conscious soul.

Then there is the use of the environmental circumstances as the other instrument, along with mind and body, available to us. It is important to recognise the multi-dimensional nature of the circumstances and the quality of impact circumstances have on our lives. We can then meaningfully change the circumstances, seek out appropriate circumstances, understand the potential within the circumstances and recycle our limiting interpretations of the circumstances.
Implied in the above is the definite recognition of and deepening understanding of the rule of cause and effect, and the willingness to develop a consciously committed responsibility and responsiveness in the light of this most basic rule.


Unfolding – That the still undiscovered potential within the individual might be accessed and nourished towards a wholesome unfolding – which might also be what is known as self-fulfilment. Inherent in this goal is the concept of Integrity; that behind every expression (Physical, emotional or mental) the individual is exploring the nature of their identity and acts in effort to maintain the integrity of their self as they understand it at that moment. The paradox is that everyone is always doing their best yet may be ready in any moment to go beyond.


Process – To engage the student consciously in life processes that also imply a relationship between body and mind. To assist the student in developing experiential familiarity of the life process (i.e. not just through cognitive understanding) and skills to manage the energetics of the life process (breathing, use of voice, the arts, meditation, conscious diet, exercise, etc.)


Understanding – finding a personal cosmology that helps to create and maintain a healthy sense of perspective that is also congruent with a cosmology that has impersonal elements, i.e. has elements that could be considered global (realistically common to all).


Behaviour – a meaningful change in understanding will, in most cases result in meaningful changes in behaviour. Significant meaning being given by the student but, inevitably influenced by the practitioner. (Ranging from personal – like diet, exercise, sleep etc. to social – i.e. skills for being with others, to psychological – i.e. ways of thinking and dealing with mental activities, and finally spiritual – having something to do with soul.) The reverse is also true; that conscious changes of behaviour can bring about a change in a persons understanding of themselves and others.


Awareness – of self and relationship to the world (independent interdependence). Awareness will often bring about spontaneous changes (these changes not being predetermined but determined from within the awareness itself). Awareness also tends to bring about a redefining of responsibility and an individual’s capacity to respond in the world, thus opening more possibilities and opportunities for the individual. It links to the development of disinterested interest.

Integration and Learning

Integration and Learning – improving the relationship of different aspects of self towards an awareness of the self that is more than the sum of all the parts put together and the synthesis of these parts. Learning how to learn, and learning to manage change, which is the only constant.

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