Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 MM


Module: Mind & Meditation | In-person – Portugal

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Module: Mind & Meditation

Conquer the mind and you will conquer the world.
The mind is the problem yet within it is the solution.
This is the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of the mind, its functions, facets, and projections.
Learn to recognize your own tendencies and experience the meditations that transform the mind into a truly great and helpful servant of your soul.
The meditative mind provides the means to be still, intuitive, and creative.

In Level 2, through your personal practice, group process, deep interactive discussion, intense meditations, you will go through a transformation that will help you to deepen your own direct perception of the teachings. It will also serve to improve your ability to create and maintain the Sacred Space of a Teacher.

Teachers: Shiv Charan Singh

Date: 26th September - 1st October 2024


5h30-08h: sadhana
8h-09h30 am: breakfast
9.30-13.15: teachings
13h15-14h45: lunch
14h45-18h: teachings
18h-18h30: Kirtan and Healing meditation
18h30-20h30: dinner

Venue: In-person @ Ashram Ram Dass Guru - Portugal

  • Price includes e-book, exam, and confirmation letter.
  • Price does not include accommodation and food. To book accommodation and food, please contact the Ashram at booking@ramdassguru.pt
  • Training facilitated in English

This course will help you to:

  • Tap deeper into the wealth of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings
  • Be part of a community and nourish the inspiration to offer others the chance
  • Strengthen your connection to the Golden Chain
  • Build more sense of community amongst your peers
  • Take the teachings into the world on a deeper level

Excellence is acknowledging your own divinity and guiding others to realize it within themselves.

Certificate Requirements

  • Confirmation letters will be sent within 40 days after exam submission is closed.
  • This is on the understanding that the student has completed their L1 and presented their KRI certification;
  • According to KRI protocol we cannot issue a L2 confirmation letter without clear confirmation of a certified L1.


For further information, please contact events@karamkriya.com