Let the Numbers Guide You – by Shiv Charan Singh



Let the Numbers Guide You by Shiv Charan Singh is a complete introduction to spiritual science and the power of numbers.

Numerology is perhaps the oldest of the divination arts and at the heart of many religious systems: Hebrew, Chaldean, Indian, Chinese, and others. Let the Numbers Guide You provide the true spiritual basis for the use of numbers, illustrating why they have their own integrity. This explains why they relate to particular psychological states and shows how they can be used to diagnose life problems and provide solutions. It shows how numbers are a mirror of our own essence, explaining the relevance of time cycles and dates of birth. It also highlights the universal message of the ten Sik gurus and shows how you can become a Ten-in-One Being.

As an offering of the formula behind all formulas, Let the Numbers Guide You presents numerology as a multifaceted gem that you will want to refer to time and time again.
Not limited to any numerological system, it reveals the basis of all of them and describes the essence of numbers, showing why each has its own quality. It goes beyond the usual guesswork or application of a particular system to put the soul back to numerology.

Let the Numbers Guide You:

Covers birthdates
Showtime calendars
Explains the science of the ten spiritual bodies
It is a self-help tool to increase your level of awareness through different numbers.
In his unique and profound way of speaking and catching words, Author Shiv Charan Singh speaks more about you than you think there is to know, opening the door to new and expanded realms of consciousness, and all in a friendly. , easy to follow.

Shiv Charan Singh has studied numerology and esoteric sciences since childhood. After studying with several masters, he now heads the Karam Kriya School of Applied Numerology in London and is the founding director of the Kriya Center for Kundalini Yoga. He has been teaching and developing consulting programs in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and India since the early 1980s.

Original English edition.

310 pages.

English language

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