Here it comes – Shiv Charan Singh CD

Here is another new Sadhana CD with the morning meditations, played ‘straightforward’, as it is Shiv’s style of teaching: clear and impressive. The music is often played in Raga-style with acoustic western and oriental intruments. Positivley puristic, activating and yet playful – not only for friends of Shiv Charan Singh!

All Publications by Shiv Charan Singh

The Court of Karam Kriya

Sometimes humorous, sometimes surprising, sometimes deep and mystical, but always full of clear insights, these poems will guide you toward your own spiritual truth and divinity.

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Let The Numbers Guide You

Let the Numbers Guide You by Shiv Charan Singh: A complete introduction to the spiritual science and power of numbers knows as Karam Kriya

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Try Thinking of It Like This

Try Thinking of it Like This: For a further study of language and the five voices that govern all human communication; available in english from

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