Let the Numbers Guide You by Shiv Charan Singh

A complete introduction to the spiritual science and power of numbers knows as Karam Kriya.

Numerology is perhaps the oldest of the divination arts and at the heart of many religious systems – Hebrew, Chaldean, Indian, Chinese and others. This title provides the real spiritual base for the use of numbers, illustrating why they have their own integrity. It explains why they relate to particular psychological states and shows how they can be used for diagnosing life’s problems and providing solutions. It shows how numbers are a mirror of our very essence, explaining the relevance of time cycles and dates of birth. It also highlights the universal message of the ten Sikh gurus and shows how you can become a Ten-in-One Being.

As an offering of the formula behind all formulas, it offers no quick fixes, but presents numerology as a multi-faceted jewel that you can refer to again and again in your life. Not limited to any one numerology system, it reveals the ground of them all. Describing the essence of numbers it goes beyond the usual fortune telling or application of a particular system to put the soul back into numerology. It covers dates of birth, time calendars and spiritual bodies,

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