For the purpose of this document “The company” will refer to Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh and “The
customer” will refer to the buyer of any “product” (e.g. online shop services) offered by the company.

1. Online shop

1.1 Items
All products are as per their description/image on the website. Prices indicated include VAT.

2. Events/Activities

2.1 Permissions
It is assumed permission to use pictures taken with the student in our space;
In the context of participating in the training provided by Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh, we assume that you accept the use of all functionalities in platforms and tools to support distance learning in the Live Training modality, namely the activation of sound, video, recording, notes, screen sharing, quiz, chat, reactions, questionnaires, reports, information exchange, evaluations and supporting documentation.
It is prohibited to capture or record in any way the classes to be held and share any of the content taught, without the express permission of the trainer or Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh.

2.2 Responsibilities / Accidents
We do not take responsibility if participants get hurt on the premises;

2.3 Cancellations
In the unlikely case of an event not having the minimum number of applicants required to make it viable, the company reserves the right to cancel the event at any point up to 6 weeks prior to its occurrence. In such circumstances, any registered customers for the service will be immediately notified of the cancellation.

3. Consultations

Consultations can be canceled, with notice, up to 24hrs prior to the scheduled time. Failure to attend a consultation, without providing 24hrs notice, will result in full payment being charged.

4. Payment

Payments can be made online through, PayPal and Credit Card through Paypal.

5. Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

All fees paid by the customer towards service are nonrefundable, except:
– if an event is canceled by the company: the full fee will be refunded to the customer;
– if the customer cancels the reservation with 7 days’ notice or more: a 50% refund is provided by the company;
– in case of cancellation of the in-person event, due to re-occurring International Travel Restrictions, the course will be conducted online and no fees will be refundable. 

All payments are non-transferable.

If the event is repeated in the future and the customer wishes to postpone the reservation, fees paid will be held with no further charges, provided the 7 days notice is observed.

6. Copyright

The trademarks, names, logos and service marks (collectively “trademarks”) displayed on this website are registered and unregistered trademarks of Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademark without the prior written permission of Karam Kriya School or Shiv Charan Singh. The content, both text and images, displayed on this website is owned by Karam Kriya School and may not be reproduced in whole, or in part, without the express written permission of Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh.


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Karam Kriya School / Shiv Charan Singh, with registered office at Rua de São José, 3 Moucheira, 2705-702 São João das Lampas, VAT Nr. 259414670, is a company that promotes courses and training programs, essentially of Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya.
General contact for any additional clarification or request, whose answer does not find in this policy: paramatmakaur@karamkriya.com
For all and any effects, Karam Kriya School / Shiv Charan Singh is the sole possessor of all the data that it collects or that is provided to it by various means.

Revision date: November 21, 2023

What personal data do we collect and for what purposes?

We collect personal data in very different ways for different purposes, be they commercial relationships, marketing, and advertising, partnerships or employment relationship. This data is used to manage our activity and keep customers, suppliers, partners or users informed in general. Below we present in more detail the data we collect for different purposes:

1. We collect information from partners and customers (in different ways: email, telephone, etc.) that relate to us from a business relationship perspective. These data are used for mandatory legal purposes or communications linked to the projects we have in common. All data you provide can be registered if deemed as valid and useful, and we use different means of contact for the management of the business relationship.

2. We register data from subjects or entities that contact us (through different means: in person, by email, telephone, online forms, etc.) to know more information about our services. This data is used only to provide the information that is requested and which we believe may be of interest to you. These contacts are not used for marketing purposes.

3. We collect some personal data directly on our website:

a) Online shop: when a purchase is made, for billing purposes exclusively.

4. We also collect other personal data on our website through cookies and other user tracking tools, in order to know the users interest in our content and how they interact with them. This is the only way we can improve the usability and usefulness of the information we provide. (learn more about the cookies we use below)

5. We do not register personal data of minors and, if we know that such information has been sent to us or has been registered by mistake, it will be immediately erased from our records.

For how long do we keep your personal information?

If you want us to delete all of your personal information, you should email us with your request for our general email. By asking us to erase all your information, we will no longer be aware of all your personal data. Your data will not be erased completely if there is any legal reason why we should not delete it.  All other personal data that come to us through various means of contact are stored during the time necessary to fulfil legal obligations or during the time considered necessary for the management of proposals, sending of requested commercial information, for internal management and monitoring of potential customers or partnerships, being erased when deemed unnecessary or obsolete, or when we are required to erase, as long as it is legitimately possible.

Storage and use of personal data

Please be aware that all information collected by Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh, in any medium or form, is only for use by Karam Kriya School / Shiv Charan Singh and is not used at all for spam emails, marketing, or ceded or sold to any other entity. It is only for our management and our internal processing. Users may be contacted for marketing purposes by our Company only in accordance with the means of contact you provide us and for the purposes you want and give us consent. If you wish to revoke your consent you are free to do so at any time. For clarification do not hesitate to contact us. Our privacy policy applies to all data that we have registered and not just to the data collected online.

Access to data

Some of these data can be viewed by individual subjects or partner entities of our Company, which are in close collaboration with Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh. This sharing is limited to what is strictly necessary and is only for the purpose of helping us and collaborating in internal processes of Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh and within the scope of our activity.
All these individual subjects and entities serve only to support the management, and guarantee us compliance with our privacy policy and the confidentiality of your data, and cannot use them in any way undue.


Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh always tries to use means and systems with adequate security for the data that it holds from users and the processing that makes. We want you to feel secure when providing us with your personal information and that you know that are secure and will not be misused or used for any purpose that you have not given your
consent to.

Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh always strives to follow best practices in accordance with the current Data Protection regulations, looking for adequate forms of security and privacy of your personal data according to the activities you perform.

Terms of Use of our website

We want you to know that by visiting our website and interacting with our newsletters, we are saving cookies to your browser.

About Cookies and Online Monitoring Tools

Our website uses cookies and other tracking tools that allow us to know user navigation data. These tools allow us to offer you a better experience of using the site as well as perceive the areas of most interest to the users. We use google statistics cookies to find out which pages users access, and which collects some personal information about your IP, browser navigation and other information that does not personally identify you.

By browsing our website and registering in our mailing lists, it means that you are giving consent to the registration of these cookies in your internet browser. We use cookies so that we can offer you certain features and obtain statistics to monitor your behavior and interaction with our content.

Your rights

KNOW THAT: If you do not want these cookies to be stored or data about your browsing be collected, you are free to disconnect and prevent the registration of these cookies through the features of your browser, and you may only lose some of the features that we have on our website.

Nothing prevents you from browsing our site and receiving our newsletters without having the active cookies. You can deactivate them or delete those that are already registered and continue to see our site and receive our emails.
Learn how to track cookies at this link: http://www.aboutcookies.org/

How do we process your data?

We process your data in a way that able us to send appropriate information to your profile, by email, in order to keep abreast of all activities, from and in Karam Kriya School / Shiv Charan Singh.


In case of doubt or clarification

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or clarification. We are happy to enlighten you.
General contact of Karam Kriya School/Shiv Charan Singh: info@karamkriya.com