Shabd Guru Workshop · ITALY

Nabhi - Centro della Terra , Italy

Workshop in Italy: Shabad Guru with Shiv Charan Singh
Shabd Guru is the multi-dimensional word of pure consciousness. It is a language that comes from and brings you to the highest spiritual vibration.

Karam Kriya Workshop “The ways of healing through the word” • PORTUGAL

Ram Dass Guru Ashram – Portugal, Rua do Rajo 1, São João das Lampas, 2705-736, Portugal

What happens when we walk in the world with alignment of our thoughts, our words, and our actions?The macrocosm and the microcosm are in harmony and all the world is our friend, as we are a friend to all the world.

Karam Kriya Workshop “The Power of the Heart” • CHILE

The heart is the meeting room of the descending spirit and the rising life force. The heart takes many blows in our journey through time and space. However it is not only a shock absorber. The heart is also a sacred sanctuary and a source of infinite unconditional love. It is the alchemic cup. There is nothing it cannot transform.